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  • A year in the saddle

    It was the one year anniversary of my DAS recently and I thought I should write a bit about what it’s been like riding a motorbike ever since. I’ve done pretty much exactly 5,000 miles on the Yamaha XJ6. Though wind, rain and snow I’ve ridden it, and truth be told I’ve loved nearly every […]

  • On Your Bike Pt. 4

    See Part 1, 2 and 3 here: On Your Bike Pt. 1 On Your Bike Pt. 2 On Your Bike Pt. 3 The final step of getting my bike licence finally arrived. The Mod 2 is a 30 minute ride on normal roads where you’re followed by an examiner who is in touch with you via radio. You’re […]

  • On Your Bike Pt. 3

    See Part 1 and 2 here: On Your Bike Pt. 1 On Your Bike Pt. 2 After a couple of days out on the bigger 600cc bikes it was time to take the first half of my full bike licence test, otherwise known as Mod 1. This part is made to test your ability to control the […]

  • On Your Bike Pt. 2

    See Part 1 here: On Your Bike Pt. 1 The first part of getting your licence is getting your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training). The CBT allows you to ride a moped up to 125CC (with L plates) and which lasts you two years unless you go on to take your full test within that time. […]

  • On Your Bike Pt. 1

    After years and years of talking about wanting to ride a motorbike, I’ve finally taken the plunge and started on the road to getting my licence. For those of you not from the UK, getting your licence over here is pretty in-depth. There are essentially four tests you need to take before you’re allowed to […]