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  • The Hardest Thing in Leadership: Effecting Change

    For a long time, I thought the hardest thing about being a leader was the art of giving constructive and timely feedback. I found it difficult to measure and constructively articulate someone’s performance. So it would usually come out as simply, “You’re doing great, keep it up”, even if that’s not what I truly felt […]

  • The Only Constant Is Change

    We can never step into the same river twice. During my five and a half years at Which? I’ve worn a few different hats. I initially joined as a Ruby contractor to build a new publishing service. The project lasted a year and was a fantastic mix of successes, failures and learnings for the whole […]

  • Stop Working In Your Team and Start Working On Your Team

    As Engineering leaders, it’s easy to get swept up by the day-to-day grind of delivering software. Code quality, broken builds, deployments that didn’t go according to plan, 1:1s, conflicts, stakeholders, and all the other things that fight for attention as we try to satisfy the organisation’s needs. This is us, working in our teams. We’re […]

  • There is No Debugger For Leadership

    There are many mechanisms for understanding issues and creating fixes when there are bugs in your code. Your computer will tell you when you’ve made a mistake, give you feedback and await your next command. So as a developer, you learn to live in this constant cycle of feedback. Constantly making mistakes and constantly making […]

  • The Other Side of the Fence

    As I have gotten older and my career has grown, many of my thoughts and opinions on software development, management and leadership have changed. Reading back through some of my posts from ten years ago, I see many of the same thoughts and ideas in discussions with more junior team members. And it’s not that […]

  • Applying Your Leadership Style

    When you have sports coaching, whether, for martial arts or tennis, the coach will often look at your technique and say, “you’re doing it all wrong!”. And then you find that each coach has their theory on how it should be done, even claiming other coaches don’t know what they’re talking about. But when you […]