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Before you know it, it’s already too late

Little do we realise how little time we really have. Dates are mentioned, and while they feel distant and intangible, in reality they are just around the corner. It’s easy to put stuff off and rest on our laurels, because we think that our time is bountiful. We live each day, and bit by bit that time slips away. Then before your know it, it’s already too late. The time you thought you had for action has already come and gone.

“Oh, I’ve got 6 months to get ready…” sounds like an eternity but it’s only 20 weeks. It’s hard to achieve a lot in that amount of time. Life gets in the way of your dreams and everything always takes longer to do then you think it will. So take action. See time for what it really is and don’t pretend that you can hide from your goals until tomorrow. If all you do is wait, all you will have is regret.

They live meaningless lives. They waste their precious days over nothing. No matter how old they get, they’ll continue to say “My real life hasn’t started yet.”, “The real me is still asleep, so that’s why my life is such garbage.”. They continue to tell themselves that. And they age. And on their deathbeds, they will finally realise. The life they lived was the real thing. – Kaiji