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Removing Coding Horror on Twitter

After reading the Jeff Atwood’s arrogant post on IMVU’s brilliant technical success’s, reading this was the final straw in clicking the remove button on his Twitter feed. What does arrogance have to do with making a business decision not to do a netbook? Sometimes things just don’t make business sense. When you brand yourself in a certain way, why would you want to potentially harm that perception with a bad product. It only takes one bad decision to unravel years of good ideas and brilliant execution.

They’ve learnt well from their own past and other people’s mistakes of trying to do everything and be everything to everyone. They’re not a “me-too” company, and becoming one would probably be the end for them. They don’t need to do X and they don’t need to do Y just to satisfy investors or the public at large. They owe no-one a netbook.