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Rescue Time

For just over a week now I’ve been tracking all my time spent infront of a computer with RescueTime. It’s a great little tool which sits and just logs everything you do. You tag any captured applications and devide them up using tags. As you can see from the graph above I spent 69 hours and 56 mins (Damn, just missed 70 hours, must try harder this week) in front of a computer. The chart is broken down into work, web and everything else. As a lot of my work tasks include the “web” tag, the divide in the chart isn’t a split between work and mindless browsing. So really there is a lot of overlap between the two categories (Well I think that’s how it works). All-in-all, excluding my 9-5 job, I’m still spending an almost mighty 30+ hours infront of my computer at home. How awesome is that! :P