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Google Chrome

All my news feeds today have been filled with nothing but talk of Google Chrome. As there is no OSX version (it can be built if you’re really that desperate), I fired up my Vista VM and installed it and I’m quietly impressed. Does the world need a new browser? Maybe, maybe not. While it’s nice that each tab runs in seperate processes, does that really make Chrome a browser for what the web has become or becoming? The Google “Reasons Behind Chrome” video talks about playing games in one tab, checking mail in another, but I do this already with no problem in Firefox. Maybe it’s betting too much on the web and I certainly don’t agree with Michael Arrington‘s idea that “Chrome is nothing less than a full on desktop operating system that will compete head on with Windows”. I think he’s mis-understood what an OS actually does. The suggestion that desktop apps will be replaced by “webified” versions is just too out there. I can’t wait to start using my scanner through my browser. Oh, and this post was of course written in Google Chrome.