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Everglide Titan vs Razer Goliathus

My Ikea desk has a slightly rough surface, so I’ve been trying out a couple of mouse mats. I picked up an Everglide Titan Mini-Mat first. I didn’t think I’d have space for the huge one (more on that after) and it ended up not being big enough, and to be honest I was pretty shocked at how poor it was overall. When I used to play CS I tried loads of mats before settling on the Func pad which rocked big ones, but the Everglide felt just like the mats you get given for free when you visit trade shows (fraying edges included). I just don’t know how anyone could claim this was in anyway a “gamers” mat. So I ordered the Razer Goliathus Alpha Control Mat. Unlike the Alpha Speed Mat this is meant to be more suited towards finer control. Measuring in at a huge 444mm x 355mm, the extra space a blessing and as in the photo above, when placed under my second monitor makes up a really nice mouse area. There is a huge difference in quality and size between the Titan and the Goliathus, and when you consider the Razer is only £5 more, you end up getting a lot more mat for your smack (bang for your buck).

I was really dubious of getting another cloth mat after using the Everglide and actually had no idea that the Razer was also a cloth mat when I ordered it, but the quality of the Razer has me sold on them. There is just the right amount of friction and a real constant feel across the whole surface. I haven’t had a chance to try it in any games yet (I’ll load up WoW later), but in Photoshop or InDesign it really gives a great feeling of fine control over the pointer. I can’t recommend the Razer Goliathus enough for gamers and creative people alike.